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It is rare to find a business where service is truly the number one product.  Grout Works SA is such a business and the owners Tom Haese and John McInnis are two of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  They go out of their way to explain the process and finished product, at the end of my own experience I had a pristine shower floor- newly grouted, and master bathroom floor- cleaned and color/sealed.  I have been waiting for just such a company to come along to help solve my bathroom grout dilemmas and Grout Works SA answered my email, promptly came out to my home, and solved my grouting problems.  I will recommend Grout Works SA to everyone I know with grouting needs.  My shower and tile floor look like new!  Welcome to San Antonio Grout Works SA!  

Susan W. - Realtor (San Antonio, TX)

I had a local carpet company steam clean my grout, and it did not look much different than before they started.  After having two other companies give me quotes I called Grout Works.
Grout Works price was almost half of his competitors.  They made the tile in my sunroom, two baths and shower look brand new.  Thanks guys!

Matt, (Marrietta, GA)

I AM IMPRESSED! GroutWorks of Charleston cleaned our master bath tile floor and colored the grout. The floor looks better than it did when new. Jim and Terry sure did a great job. They were quick, thorough and neat while in our home. The only way to tell they were there was the beautiful floor they left us! I would absolutely use them again.... We're house shopping, so finding a floor needing work will be another job for these guys!

Steve E  (MT. Pleasant, SC)

Robert and his team executed a perfect job. I was so pleased with not only his fantastic customer service but his team's attention to detail. I will certainly recommend Robert and his team to all of my customers, friends and family.

Jeremy Sax, General Manager of Dal Tile  (West Palm Beach, FL)

Marty from Grout Works did an outstanding job restoring our shower and tile floors. Everything looks just like new only better. We had done a small remodel in the kitchen and the grout on the new tile didn't match the old tile. Marty was able to correct the situation. Now all the grout color matches and cleaning should be a breeze. Marty was professional and prompt. We were highly satisfied with his work and would use him again in the future

Mable Boyt (Ankeny, IA)

Just had the work completed on four rooms in my house!! Excellent job!! The guys were very professional. I would recommend this company to anyone!!!

Karen Stanley, (Newport News, VA)

Grout Works did a terrific job in our two vintage bathrooms. The shower and bath were plagued with chronic mildew and there were tiles that were loose and falling off the walls. Grout Works repaired the tiles and cleaned and sealed the grout. The shower and bath look great, no more mildew! 

Allison, (Dekalb, IL)

 My floors look FAR BETTER than new!  I am amazed at how happy I am with this, and I understand that your concern will be the "long run" appeal.  Here is what I have learned, which has been backed up by a couple of friends of mine in the flooring industry:  At first I thought that Grout Works' instructions for the floor care were going to be hard to follow, but after talking to a retired tile manufacturer, I am certain that it was I who was doing the floors all wrong all along!  Let me explain further:

I had always thought that STRONG powerful cleaners were the only way to go when cleaning.  Well, this is the furthest method from any recommended method.  I should have been using the "1)vacuum first, 2)gentle soap in hot water, then 3)dry with a clean towel" method all along.  I have BLEACHED, AMMONIA'D, VINEGARED, PEROXIDED, ACID CLEANED my floors to DEATH in the past, and now I am looking at this in a totally new way.  It is not just Tom and Grout Works that promotes "gentle cleaning".  The grease cutting power of a dish liquid is ample enough in a bucket of hot water to really do what it needs to do, based on those who know floors and grout.  I researched it thoroughly.

PROBLEMS will only occur after your job is done if you "dig and scrape" at the sealed grout lines.  I would keep pets off my flooring for the recommended time (check with Tom) if I were you, AND I would allow the final curing (a few days) to take effect before doing anything aggressive to your flooring....even mopping with the gentle cleanser will not be necessary for a long period. 

FINALLY, and the MOST exciting part is that my NEW daily floor cleaning method since this job is so easy:  I will dust with a microfiber Big Broom for about 60 seconds in each room.  This will mean that I am only vacuuming once a week or so and mopping when needed.

You will love the look!

Allie (San Antonio, TX)

Our tile floor looks great! I don’t think it has looked this good since we moved in 8 years ago. In fact, the grout color is a better choice than the original. We had over 1,000 square feet restored and price was very reasonable. Robert and his team of associates where meticulous. Thoroughly professional job and we love the new look. Can't say enough good things about these guys.

Larry and Ava Sugar  (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

Thanks for upgrading my tile floors in the kitchen and laundry room, it is a vast improvement.  My ten year old floor looks brand new!  I will not hesitate to give you a call for future jobs.

Brenda G.  (Atlanta, GA)

John and Tom,
Thank you for your professional work and mostly your dedication to making sure we knew about the product, how it was applied and how it would perform in the future.
Sometimes the consumer has to accept "good enough" because a number of companies are just "powering through" their job to get to the next one. The two of you acted like we were the only clients you had, and you were more critical than we were on the quality and appearance of the end result.
Our floors look better than new.  It's not just getting the grout cleaned and protected, the coordinated coloring process added to the grout sealer made the tiles blend into an almost solid look to the floor.  "SPECTACULAR"  is the right adjective to  describe our floors, thank you again for your product and workmanship.

Fred and Phyllis Voight (San Antonio, TX)

The guys at Grout Works are truly a pleasure to work with.  They are professional, courteous, very neat and true perfectionist's.  I was ready to rip out my entire shower and those guys made it look spectacular.

Samantha  (Greenville, SC)

Michael Johnson did a FANTASTIC job restoring our kitchen counters to like new. The job took a little longer than we'd estimated and involved more work, but I couldn't be more pleased. Michael hesitated to charge more than his estimate, but given the extra work he did and the professional job, I felt the minor additional charge was more than justified. One of the other companies that bid on the job was going to charge me $250 to replace one tile. Michael charged less than half of that for the extra work we had done. I'll be singing his praises all around Oakland and among my online friends.

Joanne S. (San Francisco, CA)

We agree with others that said its rare to find true professionals like Grout Works. Jay and Joe gave the initial bid and quickly realized that the job was more difficult than first thought. When most jobs of our size (400sqft kitchen/bath/laundry room)would take a day, we realized half way through the second day they under bid the job. We have never approached vendors and offered to pay more than the bid, but the job was so good...like new...we offered to pay them what we thought the job was worth. We want them to come back and do other jobs and in this way they know we appreciate everything they do...way to go!

Eric and Belinda (Mandeville, LA)

Our late 1970s tile bathroom shower was really looking bad after 30+ years of use and we were ready to spend $3200 on upgrading the shower. I found Coastal Grout Works of Myrtle Beach online and talked to Maureen and Steve about my problem. Both took the time to tell me about how Coastal Grout Works could clean and color seal my bathroom shower tiles and remove old caulk and re - caulk my shower. I was impressed when I was told that the popularity of tile has returned and that I should not simply discard tile for new granite type products. I was also impressed with their pricing and that they could do the job the next day. I emailed Coastal Grout Works pictures of my shower and its dimensions and they emailed me a detailed job estimate right away. Maureen called t he next  morning to confirm that Steve was on the way and he arrived precisely on time. The job turned out to involve more labor time than expected, but Coastal Grout Works stood by their cost estimate. Putting customers first is what makes a business a success and Coastal Grout Works made us feel like VIPs. Our shower is beautiful and I have once again fallen in love with the beautiful tile. All this for less than 25% of what I was planning to spend. Thanks Coastal Grout Works! 

s/ John Harlow :-)  (Myrtle Beach, SC)

The tiles in the living, dining, kitchen look AWESOME! We also had our two bathrooms restored... both look like new. John, his 2 sons and Zach are the nicest gentlemen you could ever meet. We are very happy with their work. We will sing their praises to all our friends. We will definitely use their services again. 

Chieu. K   (Austin, TX)

Grout Works does miracles!  We have white tile in our kitchen, entry and 4 bathrooms.  I tried everything to clean the grout, but nothing worked and my grout was almost completely black.  Grout Works came in and made my grout perfectly white.  If I didn't see them do it, I would have sweared that they laid a new floor.  I highly recommend them!

Kerri (Canton, GA)

I had other estimates but none of them would do what Marty from Grout Works has done. He was prompt when presenting the estimate and when it was time to start the job. My floor looks fresh and brand new. I will recommend Grout Works. Thank you Marty and Grout Works for a job well done. 

Cherry,  (Des Moines, IA)